Patient Services

ERGO-YA audiologists provide thorough and objective advice to patients. Audiologists are salaried, not on commission, and our hearing aid prices are competitive with local commercial sellers. ERGO-YA hearing aid prices include a comprehensive package of services that includes:

•Three years of all office visits with the audiologist

•Two- or three-year manufacturer warranty

•Managing Your Hearing Loss class

•Hearing aid cleaning for the life of the device

If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids, you may return them within the first two weeks of use and all of the purchase price (100% percent) will be refunded.

Procedures for obtaining hearing aids through the ERGO-YA Medical Centre are simple. No physician referral is necessary. Appointments can be arranged by calling +380322701579, faxing: +380322610716 or e-mailing to : A recent hearing test will be beneficial. Those seeking general information about hearing aids are welcome to stop by without an appointment. Informational handouts and brochures are available.

Class Helps Patients, Families Adjust

Expectations concerning hearing aids are very important, and hearing loss is a complex problem that can affect the entire family. As a result, ERGO-YA offers a class for all hearing aid patients and a family member or friend. Managing Your Hearing Loss consists of four hours of lecture and discussion and is taught every month. The class is free, if hearing aids are obtained at the ERGO-YA Medical Centre.

Care Close to Home

Some patients who live a significant distance from ERGO-YA Medical Centre find it impractical to obtain hearing aids from the clinic. Clinic staff is happy to advise them about purchasing hearing aids in their community.